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Front runners to succeed Edgar Lungu as divisions within the PF deepens

Edgar Lungu and Lusambo

GBM has recently got very close to Edgar Lungu. This man is very clever. He rejoined the PF and made them fight. Those who used to fight him whilst in UPND have been pushed away from Edgar Lungu. He is one of the few PF leaders still be wearing a Lungu 2021 regalia yet he has never openly supported such an illegal maneuver. Edgar Lungu isn’t eligible for a third term. GBM has previous rejoiced at repatriations of his millions of dollars to South Africa leaving a measurable forex gap in the market. We continue to doubt his love for Zambia.

Chitalu Chilufya odds 3/21

He is a preferred PF candidate at grassroots. However he does not have any support from the top level and has a poor medical professional reputation. He is very vulnerable to be prosecuted so as to stop him standing. They showed him a “jonko” last year when he was accused by the acc. Chitalu Chikufya has rarely been seeing in a group with other senior PF leaders. We also understand that he rarely speaks in cabinet meetings except on Covid and does not stay after the meeting.

Bowman Lusambo odds 170/1

He is regarded as a junior Sata. The man is very adaptable. At the beginning of covid, the man went back to his usual thuggish behavior and attacked innocent people including members of the bread of life international church. He also attacked people at a wedding in Lusaka. Whilst in the MMD, lusambo also manhandled a former army staff, Major Kachingwe. He did this under the supervision of a former man of God, Dr. Mumba. Lusambo’s behavior has been an embarrassment to the nation. In a normal society where justice prevails, this man should have been in prison for human rights abuses.

Dora Siliya 1/700

Dora Silla is an opportunistic politicians. She is also adaptable, and can easily speak the language of her master. Nationally, Dora Siliya has never done anything to create news. She is from a journalistic background and has a habit of exaggerating issues to suite herself. Recently, she has picked up a habit of speaking behind a wall as ‘government’ when the statements could have been issued in her personal capacity as a politician. Overall, we feel sorry for Dora as a politician. We have respect for her family and do not have apetite to write about her. We believe that she will eventually return to journalism in the post 2021 elections.

As we approach the 2021 elections, we will see more divisions in the PF with splinter political parties formed. It’s these political parties that will ultimately stop Edgar Lungu from standing. The self destruction button is believed to have been accidentally pressed by someone within their inner circle some two years ago.

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