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Fuel supply stabilizes in Luanshya


Fuel supply is slowly stabilizing in Luanshya district, with the petroleum product available at two filling stations, following a critical shortage in the last two days.

Luanshya district had experienced a fuel shortage the past two days following a protest by fuel tanker drivers who had refused to distribute the commodity countrywide, protesting the reduction of their allocation rates to match that of their foreign counterparts.

A spot check revealed that until this afternoon, only one out of the five filling stations in the district had petrol in stock while four filling stations were only open for Diesel and other services.

Some motorists have appealed to government to quickly address the situation which has seemed to be unpredictable in the recent past.

And the Luanshya Taxis Association representative Joseph Mfune appealed to the government to stabilize the situation which he said was negatively affecting the Taxi business that was dominantly dependent on the availability of patrol.

Mr. Mfune observed that unlike Buses which are propelled by Diesel, the Taxis were entirely dependent on the commodity to operate and that a stop in the supply chain negatively affected the business.

He explained that most of the taxi proprietors were running a hand to mouth business and that a slight shortage directly affected the food security and welfare and household level.

Government yesterday, through Minister of Energy Matthew Nkuwa assured the nation that the fuel shortage would normalize as Zambia had enough fuel in the country.

The local fuel transporter yesterday agreed to reduce their oil transporting rates following consultations with the Oil Marketing Companies.

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