Home Business and Technology Fuel to be sold to clients with authorized containers only

Fuel to be sold to clients with authorized containers only


Fuel to be sold to clients with authorized containers only

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has directed all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and dealers to prioritize selling fuel to motorists and only serve customers who have authorized types of portable containers.

Energy Regulation Board (ERB) Public Relations Manager Kwali Mfuni says following the disruption of fuel, the board has observed a growing trend by OMCs and dealers of servicing customers with portable containers while motorists are made to wait in queues for long hours before being attended to.

In a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Ms Mfuni said the board has directed all OMCs and dealers to prioritize refueling motorists.

“In order to facilitate the prompt servicing of motorists, minimizing the queues and overclouding at filling stations, OMCs and dealers are reminded about the provision to only sell fuel in authorized containers for safety reasons,” said Ms Mfuni.

“The board wants also to assure the members of the public that the nation has sufficient stocks of fuel and that the current stocks were being replenished with in -coming stocks of fuel. The board wants to inform you that it is with other players monitoring the progress every day,” she assured.

Ms Mfuni has called on motorists to buy fuel normally and allow for restoration for normal supply in the possible time.

She has since appealed to members of the public to report any disregard of the directive in servicing motorists by reporting on ERB toll free numbers 8484 or report to any nearest EBR offices situated in Lusaka, Kitwe, Livingstone or Chinsali.

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