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Gary Nkombo: We stopped ECZ because they wanted to announce results whose approval is still pending

UPND Mazabuka Parliamentary candidate Gary Nkombo this afternoon rose to stop the announcement of Feira Constituency results as the ECZ was just about to begin updating the nation.

He rose on a point of order claiming that the results which were to be announced were unverified and will not be supported or accepted by the opposition alliance. “I am speaking, listen when I say so, the results you are about to give us have not been verified by us and we won’t accept them,” he said.

The UPND Alliance has declared itself winner of the presidential election way before ECZ could announce consolidated and verified results from constituencies. After Nkombo raised the concern in league with two other members of the opposition, the ECZ retreated to take into consideration what was raised but Nkombo rose again and screamed “I am speaking, listen, don’t you dare walk away from me,” he said.

Earlier, ECZ chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano reminded Nkombo that verification of results for political parties that take part in an election is not done by the ECZ because all political parties are expected to deploy party monitors to do so in collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

ECZ then postponed the announcement of results which were to take place at 17:00hrs to a later time and summoned all political parties to be reminded of the Electoral process.

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