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George Zulu – Gassing is a sinister political motive by PF

George Zulu
George Zulu

Ruling Party PF member, George Zulu, said he suspects there is a sinister political motive behind the gassing incidences to frame some opposition leaders in order to eliminate them from the political field.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Ambassador Zulu, who served as permanent secretary in several ministries and also recently Ambassador to Australia, said the spate of gassings around the country had the hallmarks of the Black Mamba.

He said the Black Mamba was a group that was used by the then government of late Frederick Chiluba to carry out bombings around the country so that they could pin the blame on the opposition leader and former Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

He said he, together with chief Inyambo Yeta were among several political figures that were arrested during the time. He said just like now when the country was debating Bill 10, the Chiluba government was also carrying out a constitutional review at the time which eventually barred Dr Kaunda from running for the presidency based on the parentage clause.

“I am having a dejavu of that period because there were bombings that time, we even lost a police officer at the Airport. I was among those arrested and later turned into a state witness Number 16, although I didn’t know what I was being turned into a state witness for. The moment they did that I told KK and he told me ‘go and say nothing but the truth’,” Amb Zulu said. “I fear that some innocent people will get hurt because at that time they aimed at the complete destruction of KK. I am sure there is somebody they are targeting.”

Amb Zulu said the perpetrators behind the gassing should be mindful that other innocent lives were suffering for the sole purpose of achieving an ulterior motive by a few selfish individuals.

“If that happened that time, it can happen again. They want to eliminate certain people who are a threat. I will not want to mention names. There is a sinister political motive being driven to eliminate certain people from the political field,” said Amb Zulu.


He said he was particularly concerned now that he had begun to hear certain elements from the ruling party saying they knew the individuals behind the gassing. Amb Zulu wondered why the country was seeing more arrests of people trying to apprehend the perpetrators and not the gassers themselves.

Source – ZambianWatchDog

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