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George Zulu: President Edgar Lungu’s silence on police brutality is scary

Police Brutality

George Zulu: President Edgar Lungu’s silence on police brutality is scary

Zambia’s former Ambassador to Australia George Zulu says it’s scary that President Edgar Lungu and those in government have remained silent over the thuggery meted out on National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili’s wife Carol and daughter Chanda by the police.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Amb Zulu said what happened to Carol and Chanda could not be entertained in a normal country, saying it did not help matters that those in government were silent, when the whole world was watching what was happening.

He urged the current leadership of President Lungu to emulate the spirit of the country’s founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda who ceded to democracy after he left power peacefully, after agreeing to the return of multi-partism.

“It was shocking and indeed saddening to see how Mrs Kambwili and her daughter were indecently assaulted by police. It’s with a sense of horror to see how our justice system has deteriorated,” Amb Zulu said. “The silence from the minister, the President is also scary. It’s scaring us Zambians.”

Amb Zulu said protecting the democratic ideals of the country was what those in leadership should consider paramount. He described the conviction of Kambwili, and harassment of his family as the worst punishment a fellow human being could mete out on the other.

“It’s the worst form of punishing a fellow human being. Isn’t this the animal farm we learnt in school? This is an abuse of Justice unprecedented in this country. This is not surprising, it’s meant to break Kambwili. To my mbuya I say shipikisha mbuya fikapita (be strong my tribal cousin, it will pass) not too long.”

Amb Zulu said Justice Mambilima must intervene to “stop the injustice” and return the judicial system to normality in order to maintain the people’s confidence in the judiciary.

“She can’t idly stand by,” he said

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