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Getting to know TV host Mary Kasoka Mwiikisa

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Meet Mary Kasoka Mwiikisa born on 6th of October, and a last born in a family of 8.
She went to Mangango Primary school and later attended Kaoma secondary school and later Senanga high school where she completed her secondary education.

She had a passion for media and dreamt of becoming a household name in the media industry at the age of 8. Nothing stopped her from achieving and living that dream, not even her humble background.Mary Kasoka Mwiikisa1

Mary built her professional media image in broadcast media, both television and radio when she joined the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation in 2008 and her name became a household brand with a famous hairstyle named after her.

With over a decade at ZNBC, Mary has worked as an assistant Executive Producer, talk show host and News Anchor for the national broadcaster.

A woman with so much passion for media, a hardworking Zambian, Mary is a dynamic and results-driven media icon with an outstanding record of achievements. She has created, managed live and recorded TV Programs including national and special event live coverage and commentary, both local and international reporting.

Mrs Mwiikisa is truly a hardworking Zambian who has worked on flagship TV programmes namely ‘Lets talk with Mary’ a talk show which focuses on social issues that women go through on a daily basis in their personal lives, homes, marriages and general relationships.

Mary “Being a woman in the media most people usually misunderstand, when they see you associate with certain people, they mistake your professional association for acquaintances, the key is to be focused on your hardwork zambians and ignore the negativity eventually the people against you will realise, if God has established you no one can remove you”. She’s a hardworking Zambian indeed.


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