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Ghana Introduces Pure African Print School Uniforms


Ghana has taken a bold step in its push to further decolonize by introducing their own pure African school uniforms.

According to a commentator, most countries use post-colonial uniforms in Africa and it’s high time they emulate and consider the African print uniforms.

In April 2019, some Ghanaian parents across the sixteen regions of Ghana had expressed dissatisfaction over the introduction of the new school uniforms by the Ghana education service.

Ghanaian’s have been able to go above and beyond in restoring African pride in the traditions left behind by our colonizers. Uniforms can be dated as far back as 1522, in the United Kingdom. It was mainly adorned by poor children, or those without parents and needed charity. The classic type of uniform has morphed through the ages, yet none has the unique and befitting African radiance Ghanaian school uniforms bring to the table!

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