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A tour inside Ginimbi’s mansion that is set to be a hotel -Pics and Video

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A tour inside Ginimbi’s mansion that is set to be a hotel -Pics and Video

Genius Kadungure died on Sunday morning and left a heft amount of wealth chief among his estate is the much talked about mansion which is set to be turned into a hotel. Gimimbi once took fellow business mogul Philip Chiyangwa on a tour of his mansion. In a series of videos Ginimbi as he is affectionately known shows off his opulence which would leave a lot of A-list Hollywood celebrities jealous.

Chiyangwa is heard in the background jokingly remarking that similar houses are only found in Malibu.

“I am at Genius Kadungure’ s rural setting but of magnificent extravagance. You only find these houses in Malibu , United States. Look at it, Don’t be jealous. I am only on the outside and look at these vehicles. Some of the cars are not here, there are being held by jealous people.”

Despite his crib being located in the peri-urban area Domboshowa, the mansion stands out and even surpasses some of the houses in the more affluent suburb of Borrowdale Brooke. The mansion boasts of lavish landscaping, a swimming pool, state of the art kitchen, imported wall finishings, USD 10 000 beds and a fully equipped gym.gb1

Kadungure is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Gases which has interests in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He is also the owner of Dreams Nightlife (Formerly Cloud Sankayi).

Check Out The Videos From The Tour Below…

In Other News: Heartbreaking video of Moana screaming for help while trapped inside burning Car as people watch

Video vixen and fitness bunny Michelle Amuli, popularly known on social media as Mimi Moana who died Sunday early morning in a car accident along with businessman Genius Kadungure, who is well known on the social media streets as Ginimbi, and two of her friends.

burning car

Moana was enjoying and celebrating her 26th birthday at Ginimbi’s night club “The Dreams”. She celebrated her...learn more

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