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Ginimbi’s manager MsShally officially dumps Hell Commander


MsShally officially dumps Hell Commander. The news we getting is that there is no longer a power couple between Ginimbi’s former manager MsShally and Hell Commander. The 2 were involved in a scandalous affair in which Hell Commander real name Trevor Mbizvo was having an affair with side chick Instagram model and influencer Njuzu.

MsShally shared the news on her Instagram after returning on it having gone offline for a while. Check her letter as she shared the news with her fans…

I’m just gonna do me. For the past few weeks l tool time to reflect. Love its a very beautiful thing and what Simbarashe aka The Hell Commander and l shared in the beginning was heaven sent. When dealing with an Alpha male with different opinions and views from yourself you will realise that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

When two strong personalities come together each one has a vision of how to build their brand or handle specific situations. Some people prefer to put their own interest first yet some prefer to put their business and reputation first but l choose the latter. After reflecting l feel like it is the best for me to be single for now and focus more on me.

Simbarashe and l are still very good friends and business partners. Thank you to all that has supported me through this journey.

MsShally and Trevor


Source – MbareTimes

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