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Getting to know Nelia Kadungure, Ginimbi’s sister who is getting 60% of Ginimbi’s assets: – Photos

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As we all learned during his funeral that he Ginimbi had no children it was right or certain that his immediate family would inherit his riches. This, as we all expected, was stated in a Will that was not signed but the family agreed on it to be the official one.

In the sharing of the assets, Ginimbi’s sister Nelia is set to inherit 60% of all the profits that will come through from her brother’s businesses. Meet the sister in some pictures below…Nelia-Kadu

The family of the late businessman cum socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure and other possible beneficiaries to the estate that was left by the socialiteNelia-K

have reportedly unanimously accepted the unsigned will that was registered at the Master of the High Court last week, The Herald reports.All-white-Nelia-Kadungure

Ginimbi’s father, Mr. Anderson Kadungure, is entitled to 10% of funds generated in the trust while Ginimbi’s sisters Nelia and Juliet will get 60% and 30% respectively.


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