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Zola 7 going to rehab

Media personality and kwaito musician Zola 7 has revealed that he’s headed to rehab but is mum on reasons for getting clean.

This is after the Gauteng MEC for finance and e-government halted her campaign to assist Zola 7 after his wife allegedly urged him to go to rehab.

Veteran musician Bonginkosi Dlamini – who’s popularly known as Zola 7 has confirmed reports that he’s going to rehab but hasn’t stated shared why he’s getting help.

Dlamini told a local publication that he will go to rehab after he wraps up his forthcoming album.

The kwaito star made headlines last weekend when the Gauteng MEC for finance and e-government Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko halted her campaign to assist the musician after his wife stated that he needs to get clean.

Nkomo-Ralehoko shared the news of his rehab in a video clip where she also pleaded with his fans to encourage the rapper to go to rehab.

“The good thing is the wife was saying that Zola wants to go to rehab.”

“I want people like yourself to convince Zola that he must go to rehab and be better so that he can go out and get these opportunities because indeed we can’t take him among the children whilst we know that he is not fine.”

Zola 7 also made headlines in 2021 when he announced on Podcast and Chill with MacG that he was suffering from epilepsy.

The musician also told a local publication that he sometimes passes out for five minutes due to his chronic illness. I am not well and epilepsy is indeed very hectic and you need to learn about it. I faint most of the time but I’m not dead, I’m alive.

The longest time I passed out was two days.

He also told a local publication that he was born with epilepsy and he has to take different kinds of medication to keep him alive because it may kill him.

I was born with it, is only showing itself now.

When I fall on the street, just put me up, make sure there’s nothing in my mouth that can choke me.

Cross my feet. Don’t take off my clothes, don’t put water on me or anything.


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