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Government wants to KILL Chishimba Kambwili – Family Speaks Out

The family of Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has spoken out publicly about the manner in which government wanted to have the outspoken Lawmaker evacuated to South Africa for specialist medical treatment.

In an interview, Mr Kambwili’s elder brother Pastor Mutale Kamwbwili charged that the plan by the state to evacuate his brother to South Africa was part of the plan to have him killed.

Pastor Mutale said the offer by the state was ill-intentioned, full of evil and full of bad plans because they were the ones that allegedly worsened Mr Kambwili’s medical condition after a prolonged detention.

Chishimba Kambwili

He charged that the Kambwili family turned down the offer because it was not genuine.

“The offer was ill-intentioned, full of evil and full of bad plans because they were the ones that worsened Kambwili’s condition. They denied him police bond which is his constitutional right because the charges he is facing are bondable offences. As a Zambian, he has a constitutional right to be given a bond but they refused to give him and they detained him from the morning in a very bedroom, confined room, no ventilation, stinking, the room was very filthy from morning to 17 Hours,” he narrated.

“It took the lawyers, Mundia & Company to go to the High Court, there was an order from the High Court to take him to a Hospital of his choice and we brought him here at CfB. Now they have seen that Zambians are condemning over the mistreatment of Chishimba.”

He added, “They deny him bond after the condition worsens that is when they come back and say we are evacuating him to South Africa, unless we are a foolish family we were going to accept. This is an artificial worsening of his condition, they know that he is diabetic, he is hypertensive, they knew his condition meant that he couldn’t be where they kept him. In short, this worsening of his condition was artificial. Edgar Lungu just wants to kill Chishimba Kambwili, that is all.”

Pastor Mutale said the family has always been taking care of his brother and they do not need help from the state.

“We have been taking him to South Africa as a family and we don’t even ask for help, remember in 2017 after the campaigns, he was sick, he was at Ndola Central Hospital, Lungu never came to visit him, not even a government official, not even a State House official, that is when I started telling my brother that something is wrong with this guy,” he said.

He continued, “This guy has gone in Churches telling Zambians that I am a Christian, I an humble when you look at his fruits, I am not insulting the Republican President, I respect his office but when I look at his fruits, showing to us, Zambians is the fruits coming from Lungu showing a Christian fruits, he is not acting according to his fruits. We are disappointed in him. We don’t know that was there plan in the air between Zambia and South Africa, maybe they could simply push him away from the window and claim that he committed suicide. Us we believe in Christ, them they believe in Sangomas from Luapula, kwa Mpheto in the DRC. If they want to arrest me, they should also come to arrest me since they want all us arrest.”

Pastor Mutale also criticised President Edgar Lungu accusing him of being ungrateful.

“Mind you, Edgar Lungu must come back his senses that he is President today because of Chishimba Kambwili. Had it not been for my brother to campaign for him, today Edgar Lungu was not going to be Republican President, it was going to be HH,” he stressed.

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