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Government commended for the launch of the new Zambian Highway Code

The Driving Schools Association of Zambia has commended government’s timely launch of the new Zambian Highway Code. The Association feels that because of the high numbers of road traffic accidents currently existent on Zambian roads, it is imperative for the government to put in place as many measures aimed at improving road safety levels.
Hope Kumalo, the Association President has also urged government to ensure that the Highway Codes are made accessible to all road users especially learner drivers.

Mrs. Kumalo said these learner drivers should include both home schooled ones and those that learn from driving schools.

Driving Schools Association of Zambia
She has further appealed to government to ensure that other teaching materials such as the TEVETA syllabi and the EU Manual for Drivers that were recently launched are also accessed by both home schooled and driving school taught learner drivers.
Mrs. Kumalo noted that this will improve the standard of drivers that are being licensed and taking to the Zambian roads.

Mrs. Kumalo has however bemoaned lack of consultation in the formulation of the Highway Code a move which they believe has resulted into some mistakes in very important information of the Code such as on the road signs. She said one of the most important functions of a Highway Code should be to inform road users in detail and in the most simple way on road signs and the Association believes this Highway Code has failed to achieve this function as well as it should have due to lack of consultation of key stakeholders such as the driver trainers.

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Source: lusakatimes

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