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Government revises penalties regarding usage of GRZ vehicles

The Ministry of Works and Supply recently undertook a country-wide operation to monitor the utilisation of Government motor vehicles by Public Officers. The operations have since revealed instances of misuse of Government motor vehicles by public officers.

In this regard, it has become necessary to remind all Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies on the need to strictly adhere to the regulations on the management of Government motor vehicles.

The following measures, as contained in a Cabinet Circular No. 8 of 2018, signed by Secretary to Cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska, have been put in place to ensure that Government motor vehicles are utilised for the intended purpose;

a. Only officers in possession of a valid Government Certificate of Competence issued by the Ministry of Works and Supply and have the express authorisation by the respective Controlling Officer or Head of Administration can drive a government motor vehicle.

b. Authorised officers driving a Government motor vehicle are required at all times when driving a government motor vehicle to be in possession a valid Driver’s License; a valid Certificate of Competence; duly completed Log Book and authority for journeys outside district boundaries. Pool Drivers shall be required to obtain passes for authorised trips within the district boundaries outside normal working hours.

c. Pool vehicles shall be required to have all the documents stated in (b)

d. Authorised officers that drive a Government vehicle and receives fuel allowance shall be required to be in possession of a valid Government Certificate of Competence to drive government vehicle for trips within the district boundaries. Officers under this category will also require obtaining authorisation from their respective Controlling Officers when undertaking trips outside the district boundaries.
On management of pool or project vehicles, in line with Cabinet Office Circular No. 7 of 2012, the following shall apply;
(i) Where pool or project vehicles are required for official business during weekends and
public holidays, a pass will be issued by a Senior Officer designated by the Controlling Officer.

(ii) It is the responsibility of each Controlling Officer to ensure efficient and cost-effective use of the pool fleet for official Government business, locally and outside the station.

(iii) The Government Transport Control Unit under the Ministry of Works and Supply shall be charged with the responsibility of monitoring and controlling the usage of Government Transport.
Furthermore, officers eligible to drive GRZ vehicles shall be required to adhere to the following regulations:

(i) Pool vehicle Drivers shall park vehicles after normal working hours in line with Cabinet Office Circular No. 7 2012 unless with express permission from the Controlling Officer or Head of Administration.

(ii) Officers entitled to receive fuel allowance shall not be allowed to draw fuel from the government pool. Officers in this category shall only be provided with fuel for authorised official trips outside their district boundaries using the prescribed formula in the Cabinet Circular No. 7 of 2012.

(iii) Officers authorised to drive GRZ vehicles shall not allow any unauthorised person including a spouse or any other relative to drive a government motor vehicle under any circumstances.

(iv) Officers authorised to drive GRZ vehicles shall not use the vehicles for private commercial purpose including transportation of persons and cargo

(v) Officers authorised to drive GRZ vehicles shall not park unauthorised places such as bars and night clubs.

(vi) Officers authorised to drive GRZ vehicles shall not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and

(vii) Officers authorised to drive GRZ vehicles should observe prescribed speed limits.
Failure to comply to the provision outlined in this circular, shall result in; Impounding of the motor vehicle, Recommending for disciplinary action, Surcharging the officer through the payment of a fine according to the offences committed.

And for repeated offences, this may result to the withdrawal of the Government Certificate of Competence by the Ministry of Works and Supply.

Below are the revised Penalty Fees for the various offences as shown in the schedule.

1. Driving a GRZ Vehicle when one is not a GRZ Employee. K1,000.00 K5,000.00
2. Failure to comply with instructions from an Officer on duty (Inspector of Government Transport). K1,000.00 K1,000.00
3. Driving a GRZ Vehicle without a valid Certificate of Competence. K500.00 K1,000.00
4. Parking at unauthorised Place. (e.g. Bars and Night Clubs). K250.00 K1,000.00
5. Driving a government Vehicle under the influence of drugs and Alcohol. K250.00 K1,000.00
6. Carrying unauthorised passengers, goods or cargo. K150.00 K800.00
7. Driving a GRZ Vehicle without a duly completed Log Book. K100.00 K500.00
8. Driving on unauthorised Route. K100.00 K500.00
9. Driving a GRZ Vehicle beyond normal working hours without a pass. K150.00 K500.00
10. Over speeding or careless driving. K150.00 K500.00
11. Failure to secure a GRZ Vehicle. K100.00 K300.00
12. Found misusing Government Transport three (3) times in Six (6) months K800.00 Revocation of Certificate of Competence for a period of Six (6) months

The circular further requests all Controlling Officers to ensure that all Government motor vehicles (both pool and project) are used in line with the provision of the circular to ensure efficient utilization of the Public Service Fleet.


Source – Lusaka Times


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