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Govnt releases Prerogative of Mercy Guidelines

Members of the Advisory Committee on Prerogative of Mercy will follow the Prerogative of Mercy Guidelines that the government has released.

According to Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security JACK MWIIMBU, the Guidelines will increase the treatment of each case’s credibility and transparency.

According to Mr. MWIIMBU, the guidelines will also provide the Presidency with sufficient information about each instance to enable objectivity in the exercise of the prerogative powers.

Speaking at the launch in Lusaka today, Mr. MWIIMBU noted that before the rules were created, the Advisory Committee had no processes to follow when advising the President on petitions submitted by eligible detainees.

The establishment of the guidelines, according to NAMATAA MAYUMBELO, chair of the Technical Working Group on the Prerogative of Mercy Guidelines, is a significant step since they will direct the Committee’s discussions, foster a feeling of accountability, and increase openness.

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