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Govt constructes 101 communication towers in Luapula


The government says it has so far constructed one hundred and one new communication towers in Luapula Province from the one thousand and nine towers being constructed through Zamtel under Phase II of the project.

Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says the government under President Dr. Edgar Lungu has made tremeandous strides in ensuring the development of an effective and reliable telecommunication network through supporting the implementation of various telecommunication projects.

“The project which began in 2017 is aimed at constructing and upgrading a total of 1009 communication towers as well as Zamtel’s core radio transmission network infrastructure at a total cost of US$280. I am reliably informed that 783 towers have so far been constructed and are on air. This is commendable work on the part of Zamtel who are the project managers as well as strategic partners with government in the development of the communications sector,” said Hon Kafwaya.

“This is an initiative by government in response to the cries of our prople in many unserved and under-served parts of the country. It is well known that communications is key to any country’s social and economic development. For many years, various parts of our country have experienced challenges brought about by lack of communication.”

He indicated that it is President Lungu’s desire to see development extended to all parts of the country.

He since urged the people of Nchelenge to take this opportunity to explore the many advantages that can be realised with this infrastructure in place, and the many services that Zamtel offers.

Speaking earlier, Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Eng Sydney Mupeta said Zamtel views Luapula Province as a region with massive economic potential especially in the area of Tourism and Fisheries.

Eng Mupeta stated that such potential can only be realized if there are adequate communication facilities in this Province.

“With the launch of this site, we are likely to see an increase in the economic activities in this area. As Zamtel, we remain committed to supporting the Government’s agenda of taking development to all corners of this Country in order to support developmental activities that depend on effective communication services,” he said.

“With the coming of these sites, farmers and other traders here can now communicate with the buyers of various products. In addition, the customers can also receive payments for their produce on our Zamtel Mobile Money platform. This is a convenient and secure payment option which also helps reduce the handling of cash thereby supporting transactions under the new normal due to Covid-19.”

Earlier, Hon Kafwaya and his entourage paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Mununga at his palace.

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