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Govt set to meet today to review COVID-19 preventive guidelines amid surge

Jonas Kamima Chanda

The government has said that it will review the COVID-19 preventive guidelines that were set in order to determine the way forward amidst a surge of cases in the second wave of the pandemic.

The multisectoral meeting which is scheduled for today will determine the way forward in regards to the opening of schools as well as other socioeconomic factors.

Health Minister Dr Jonas Chanda disclosed the development yesterday when he held his first COVID-19 update in Lusaka.

He said the meeting will review the progress that has been made from the last presidential address where socioeconomic interventions were made but reiterated that there will be no lockdown to ensure the economy continues to run even amidst the pandemic.

“There is hope that Zambia will overcome COVID-19. This pandemic is not the fight for government alone or the ministry of health but on an individual level let’s adhere to the five golden rules” Dr. Chanda said and called for heightened masking up, physical distancing and avoidance of unnecessary crowds in ‘pandemic super spreaders’ such as weddings and bars.

And Dr Chanda has pledged to restore public confidence in the provision of health sector services and assured of total transparency and accountability.

And regarding the much talked about COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Chanda assured that government will ensure that the vaccine that will come into the county will be of good quality that will meet all the World Health Organization guidelines and standards and further encouraged more research on both traditional and conventional treatment of the pandemic.

He said a more comprehensive statement will soon be issued on all matters and concerns relating to the vaccine and when its will be available in the country.

Meanwhile, Zambia recorded 1,343 new cases out of the 11,302 representing a 12% positivity rate, Dr Chanda disclosed.

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