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Govt to arrest citizens patching roads and asking for money

t citizens patching roads an asking for money

Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenge has warned that people who illegally patch potholes on roads and are in the habit of collecting money from motorists will be arrested.

Mr. Chisenga told ZANIS that, “the practice which started on township roads in Northrise has now spread to other townships like Mushili and on the high ways”.

He said the main motive of these people patching roads is to collect money from motorists not to repair the roads.

He said the same people did not even have the technical knowledge noting that the patching of roads require skilled labour after engineers have assessed the damage and determined the materials that can be used.

Mr. Chisenga added that people that offer themselves to do such works are actually damaging the roads more because they are incompetent to carry out such jobs.

He has further said collecting money from motorists after illegally patching roads is stealing from people.

“I am going to send out council police to arrest anyone one found involved in this trend because they are just stealing from the people,” he said.

He added that motorists should also play a part by not giving out money to such people in order to help stop the practice from growing.

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