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Govt. To Collaborate With Private Energy Sector

The government, according to Energy Minister PETER KAPALA, has established an environment that is conducive to investors and innovators flourishing in the energy sector.

According to Mr. Kapala, the New Dawn administration is prepared to collaborate with the business sector to provide fuel and make the good easily accessible to Zambians.

At the unveiling of the Nigerian Harvest Group of Companies, which is investing in fuel delivery and filling stations in Lusaka, Mr. Kapala made this statement.

And UGO IKORO-NGANDI, the chairman of Harvest Group of Companies, declared that his organization will aid 50,000 small enterprises in Africa over the course of the following five years.

Many Zambians will be employed through their enterprises, according to Mr. IKORO-NGANDI, with the intention of having an influence on women and youth in diverse areas.

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