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Grade12 certificate knocks out 208 aspiring candidates

Gary Nkombo

208 aspiring candidates that were adopted by the Socialist Party have fallen out of the race to contest the 12 August, 2021 general elections for not having the required Grade 12 certificates.

Out of the 208, a total of 200 were adopted as aspiring councillors with eight earmarked for contesting as Members of Parliament hopefuls.

In an interview with Diamond News, Socialist Party Secretary General Cosmas Musumali has described the occurrence as set back in their preparations for the elections.

Meanwhile, UPND chairperson for Elections, Gary Nkombo says although the party has not yet adopted its candidates, the Constitutional Court ruling on the minimum Grade 12 school certificate qualification has resulted into some party members failing to apply for adoptions.
Mr. Nkombo says the court ruling is discriminatory.

And the Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has disclosed that the impact has mostly been felt at councillorship level.-Diamond TV

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