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Grandmother, 84, remembers the terror of Friday the 13th after being violated

An 84-year-old woman from Chisamba has experienced the horrors of Friday the 13th to her detriment after being violated by an unidentified guy who knocked on her door looking for protection.

The suspect is believed to have faked being attacked, but the victim still refused to open the door for him.

Then, armed with a knife, he is thought to have forced the door open before violating his victim.

The tragic occurrence, according to Central Province Police Commissioner David Chileshe, took place in Chibumbu village in the Chisamba area on Friday, January 13 at around 2:00 a.m.

“The 84-year-old woman was violated after the suspect asked for shelter from the her claiming that he was being attacked. The victim refused to open the door ,but the suspect forced the door open. Upon entry he threatened to kill the victim using a knife if she screamed and proceeded to violate her. The accused fled scene after the incident. The victim sustained painful private parts, neck and bruises on her thighs,” he said

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