Home Politics PF rigged the Luakashya parliament by-election and they overdid it

PF rigged the Luakashya parliament by-election and they overdid it

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Police summon Nevers over Lukashya rigging claims. MMD vice-president Reuben Sambo says police have issued a callout for party leader Nevers Mumba for interviews.
The callout follows his emphatic statement on Monday that the PF rigged the Luakashya parliament by-election and that they overdid it.
Following the statement, statements have been chorused to have Mumba, a pastor and former Republican vice-president questioned.
The PF has intimated taking the matter to court so that Mumba would substantiate his claims.
Rev Sambo this afternoon said police today dropped a callout “our President for interviews at force headquarters.”
“The invitation was for today 14:30, but since he is out on mobilisation, he has not been able to attend to the callout. Dr Nevers Mumba has informed the police of his availability for Monday 10:00 hours,” Rev Sambo stated.

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He stated that the reason for the interviews was not disclosed.
“However, recently our president held a press conference in which he called out the ineptitude of the Electoral Commission of Zambia in elections management, citing the flaws in the recently held elections. Many known haters and opponents have banded together claiming all sorts things. We suspect that the call out is in this regarding,” stated Rev Sambo.
“Dr Mumba is a champion of good governance and a respecter of the rule of law. I have contacted him and he welcomes the invitation by Zambia Police. He will continue to call out electoral irregularities until the playing field is even for 2021. As a party we hold the position that the issues raised by Dr Mumba are so pertinent as the nation goes to the polls. If we do not address issues of elections management, it will be a futile to go into the elections. We hope that the invitation is not aimed at intimidating Dr Nevers Mumba.”
Source: The Mast