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Gyakie’s contributions to bridging the gap between Ghanaian and Nigerian music

Camidoh conceded the success the new class of Ghanaian artists is enjoying in Nigeria and what it means for their bournes . While on the subject, Camidoh gave a cry- eschewal to the Ghanaian artists who have played a part in paving the way for him to have a shot at success in Africa’s biggest musicmarket.One of the names that made Camidoh’s list was Gyakie, the soft- spoken Ghanaian pop star, whose gift took Africa’s biggest music request by storm.

Now, utmost people may not have been awaiting Gyakie, an artist who’s slightly two times and one EP into the assiduity to be credited with playing a part in bridging the gap between Nigerian and Ghanaian music. still, Camidoh was not wrong in his acknowledgment and I completely agree with him.
The history of Afrobeats has witnessed nonstop cross-fertilization of sound and culture between Nigeria and Ghana. While the Nigerian music assiduity is the more outstanding stock that has taken Afrobeats far and wide, Ghanaian artists have played notable places in uniting both requests and icing that Ghana played a part in the advancement of Afrobeats.

Credit must be given to Ghanaian Afrobeats legends similar as Obrafour who vulgarized Hiplife and brought an civic touch to Ghanaian mainstream music. His sweats paved the way for unborn mainstream Ghanaian artists similar as Sarkodie and Black Sheriff.

The subject of Ghanaian artists breaking into the Nigerian request can not be bandied without mentioning the Ghanaian hipsterism Hop group VVIP( personality). In 2007, the group had a song with 2 Baba( 2Face Idibia) called’ My Love.’ The single was monstrously successful and it played a major part in blurring the lines between Nigerian and Ghanaian mainstream music.

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