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H0RNY 27-yer-old woman forces herself on her father


In my career as a Counsellor helping people (especially victims of Rape and Defilement) get up from extreme dark places by allowing them to see light at the end of the tunnel I have been able to connect with several of these special people and have been lucky to witness unbelievable transformation.This week I was dealing with a very unusual and strange situation.

“Hello Madam Buumba, am a 54 year old Man happily married devoted father and Christian with 4 kids.Recently I came across your post where a mother was complaining that her son was s.e.xually abusing her, I broke down and the confusion I have been hiding came back once again

.Everything has been going well in my life until My own 27 year old daughter raped me, In the past 2 years after college as a family we noticed that my daughter was coming home with a lot of expensive things from phones to clothes and she kept telling is she had opened a boutique where she also sells hair and she showed us and we believed her and was proud of her.

She recently moved out of the house and stays alone. She travels all the time as the hair she sells ,she orders it mostly from Nigeria and Tanzania,r ecently she came to visit over the weekend, she gave me and her mother including her brothers some money and her her mother was so excited decided to go shopping and her bothers followed too, but because I was so tired from work I just wanted to rest to I remained with my daughter. I was sleeping until she called me that she had finished preparing Lunch.

After eating I felt very strange and had uncontrollable apetite for sex I thought I was becoming mad so I went I lay on the bed struggling and wondering what was happening. Within some minutes mu daughter walked into the room Naked and she started touching me, kissing me and Raped me. I couldn’t see properly because I felt drousy from whatever she had put in my food,b ut I could see that after everything she collected my sperms and left the room without saying a word.

I was so confused and in a state of shock I hit my head trying to think maybe it was a dream but it was reality. After about 3 hours my wife and son’s came back with lots of things I just pretended and joined in the excitement I did not want my wife to suspect anything because I love her with all my heart.

After the weekend my daughter left but the trauma of the whole ordeal left me with severe Depression and Anxiety. I started having bad dreams and I didn’t know who to confide in because I knew people wouldn’t believe me. Please help me because as we speak i feel like am demon possesed because all I think about is the sex with my daughter I feel addicted at this point, Every time she calls I tremble and do as she says, I also call her and meet her at her house for s.e.x and Every time she gets the sperms and my public hair, I really don’t know what is happening to me am so addicted and most of the times she appears in my dreams.

Please help me I just want my life back am tired of this sin and bondage, i feel trapped and most of the times just want to kill myself. I even lost my job because of depression and confusion. Please advice me should I tell my wife or what should I do I just want help.”

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t tell your loved ones what has happened to you in relation to sexual abuse, please do find a reliable trained counsellor or Pyschologist to take you through the process because Subside is not an option. Remember there is nothing new under the world meaning there is always a solution even to the most impossible. Hang in there and seek help.

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