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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hakainde Hichilema – UPND will build a Zambia which we will all be proud to call home

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We sympathise with all our civil servants countrywide; teachers, nurses, doctors, our men and women in uniform, and other class of civil servants in various government institutions, for the systematic, deliberate, and sustained threats, intimidation and violence against you.

The suffering which you are going through under the PF regime is of great concern to us. We are with you and we share your pain.

The UPND will build a Zambia which we will all be proud to call home. Today, we have a society of duality; them and us. Our vision is clear, this country belongs to all of us the 18 million-plus citizens and it shouldn’t matter where you were born.

This regime has created a society where citizens are treated differently. That too will be changed immediately after August 12.

We are resolved that once we are elected by the people of Zambia, we will work together to restore the rule of law. No one will be above the law; not even a UPND member or sympathiser. We will restore the rule of law in markets, bus stations and in work places.

We love the people and that’s why we do what we do because we are here to serve the people and not to serve our interests as is the case now.

No one will attack you and get away with it. We want to create an environment that promotes business, safety, and an environment that will allow you to move freely without fearing that you will be harassed or attacked in markets, bus stations, and at your places of work.

To all those who have been retired in national interest, start looking at your watch and count your days because you will soon be back in office.

We are coming to grow the country; not to divide and not to subtract. To achieve this, we all need to work together and bring change through the ballot and remove these people who have divided the nation. Change is coming to Zambia and days of happiness are near.

This was our message this morning during our Press Briefing as we addressed the nation on the need to unite for a better Zambia.

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