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Hakainde Hichilema warns PF against splitting KCM – Video


UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema has warned the PF against its intentions to split Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) into two separate entities saying the move would lead to massive job losses for miners.

And President Hichilema has assured Zambians of an unprecedented economic revolution that has never been witnessed in Africa that would lead to the creation of jobs.

Commenting on the planned splitting of KCM into two entities namely Konkola Mineral Resources (KMR) and KCM Smelter Company Limited this morning, President Hichilema warned that such a move is a technical disruption in KCM operations.

“In business, this is technically a disruption in KCM as we know it. Technically, it means, KCM, as we know it, will never be the same. They put their friends to scavenge on KCM’s assets; assets that belong to the people of Zambia, KCM will never be the same,” charged Hichilema.

He says the move will worsen the suffering of already impoverished majority Zambians whose life line is in the mining sector

“This may mean worsening the suffering [of impoverished Zambians] beyond the current levels which will [in turn] lead to our already suffering miners and retirees dying of hunger,” observed President Hichilema.

He also noted that the unwarranted planned move would result in the loss of jobs for the thousands of employees from KCM through redundancy.

“This means that all employees who were working under KCM will he declared redundant which will in turn add to the numerous economic challenges that the people of Zambia are currently grappling with. That’s why we believe that the PF cannot be trusted with the way they are handling KCM,” he said.

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