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Hakainde Hichilema – Stop PF’s sale of our assets to Chinese


HAKAINDE Hichilema has urged Zambians to act together to stop the PF from selling the country’s strategic assets to foreign countries.
The Africa Confidential recently revealed that Zesco and a Chinese company were already in takeover talks, although the government has dismissed the report as “untrue”.

Other commentators and credible news channels have indicated that Zambia could be the next casualty of the Chinese predatory loans as the country would not manage to pay back when the loans fall due. And Hichilema yesterday said Zambian land and assets belong to Zambians.

“We the citizens of Zambia should and we’ll not allow anyone organisation or country to take over our sovereignty directly or indirectly.
We the collective citizenry of our beloved country should not let our independence freedom fighters down by failing to act courageously to protect our land, our hard-won freedoms, and independence,” Hichilema said.
“It is now than ever before that we the people from all corners of our land and from all walks of life should act together to stop and not allow the PF to sell our land, ZNBC, Zesco, NRDC or any other strategic asset to Chinese or to any other foreign power at the expense of our citizens.”

He said Zambians should to act together.

“We need to stop this PF corruption and greed by acting in unison as we have done before from time immemorial,” said Hichilema.