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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Happy birthday to Aunty Milly as she turns 40

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Aunty Milly is now almost a Zambian household name and she is known for quite a lot of controversy. Gorgeous and outspoken, Aunty Milly was sure to ruffle some feathers when she first came on the scene.

Aunty Milly earned a reputation for being a s.e.x therapists as she dished some saucy tips on social media to her fans for better s.e.xual experience. She even taught women on tightening their Vajayjays for better experience for their partners too.

Aunty Milly went further to boast about how even though she was in her late 40s her vajayjay way as tight as a 20-year-old’s. To prove testament to that is her now 27year old hubby who expressed how satisfied he was and seems to not get enough of this fine wine.

Aunty Milly’s love life gets many jealous as they wonder how she was able to bad such a handsome young man in his 20s yet she’s almost 50. It remains a puzzle for many to this day, but she did explain how she holds him down s.e.xually and the boy is beyond content with Milly.

Lately the couple is already expecting a baby and they couldn’t be happier as they show their joy on Aunty Milly’s page.

Aunty Milly’s Beauty Products.

Apart from s.e.xual therapy tips, Aunty Milly is widely known for her beauty products to help fellow women enhance their beauty. This seems like a lucrative venture for the couple as the fans trust her products since they see them work on her.

Aunty Milly’s Hubby Scandal

Everything looks lovely now but this couple has had their fair share of criticism surrounding her young husband’s past. Milly’s husband was accused to have been convicted of a murder crime supposedly as a child since age was doctored so that he wouldn’t serve a longer sentence.

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