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Harry Kalaba positive to Covid-19 claims are false-Judith Kabemba

The opposition Democratic Party has refuted media reports that its leader Harry Kalaba has tested positive to Covid-19.

DP Spokesperson Judith Kabemba said the party is astonished with the story runnung in the Mast Newspaper that Mr. Kalaba is hospitalised with Covid 19 in UTH.

“As a matter of fact, President Harry Kalaba is home and has no Covid 19. We are taken aback on how someone would get a fake story and without verifying it, make a publication in the name of news. We appel for professionalism in media reporting,” Ms. Kabemba said.

She said the publication is false and must be dispelled with the contempt it deserves.Harry Kalaba

Ms. Kabemba has since challenged anyone to produce results indicating that Mr. Kalaba tested positive to Covid 19.

We need to realise that President Kalaba is also a human being and as such he can also fall sick, but associating every kind of a small sickness to COVID 19 is a very sick joke and defamatory on his part.”

“It is in this regard that we retaliate to inform the nation that the situation with President Kalaba is normal and getting on well from the under weather situation, contrary to falsehood that he is admitted in UTH hospital for Covid 19.”

She added, “We urge people not to take President Kalaba’s health for political expediency, because it is not morally right in our Society to politicise someone’s health and attempt to get political mileage out it.”

Source: Lusaka times

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