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Have Khanya and Matli Mohapeloa rekindled their Love?

We see exes turn to friends all the time and it’s cute – depending on who you are. Khanya Mkangisa and Matli Mohapeloa are an example of exes who were cool with each other even after their break up. In 2017, the former Generations: The Legacy actor wished his presenter/actor ex girlfriend a happy birthday, you know? … because they are ‘hommies forever’ – read the sweet birthday message. So maybe their recent picture is just that of two buddies looking cosy and sending love and light to each other.

The 35-year-old actor posted a pic of himself and Khanya with a very short and cryptic caption, “ok ❤.” That’s it, just okay and heart emoji. Obviously a pic like that raises a number of eyebrows. Yours too, right?

Khanya Mkangisa and Matli Mohapeloa

The two had their fans asking “senibuyelene? [are you back together?]” but, as expected, no response from either of them. But Matli did respond to Thando Thabethe and Omuhle Gela’s individual requests, asking him to tell Khanya to contact them as they had been trying to contact her and she was not picking up.

We know what you’ve been thinking all along “but Khanya is dating J Molley”. Yes, we all saw it on Khanya’s insta stories, they trended, we reported on it… BUT, all of those videos are gone… we checked.

Now, you can make of that what you will. We don’t know at this point, but our eyes and ears are wide open. One thing we do know is that if Khanya and Matli have rekindled their love, their fans will be overjoyed.

Source: News365

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