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Hell Commander and girlfriend Njuzu speaks after leaked videos scandal: Vid

After all it been said and done, Hell Commander has stuck with his girlfriend Njuzu despite all the videos that circulated and made chaos on social media the week. Njuzu who was at once reported to have attempted suicide over the leak of the video is now back in shape and thanks to the support she is getting from her boyfriend.

The two seem to have everything under control and happy as ever after they did a live Instagram video together both taking a jab at Mai Nandi aka Olinda Chapell after she had given her thoughts about the whole videos scandal thing. Olinda had come out shaming girls who do N#DES and said they were a disgrace to womanhood. This apparently did not go well with Njuzu who then replied and the whole situation span out of control.

However, the good that came out of this is that we know for sure that Hell Commander is supporting his girlfriend no matter what. He is behind her all the way. Check the video below as they both went after Olinda Chapel.

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