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Henry Kapoko Denied Bail

Henry Kapoko Denied Bail…. Former Ministry of Health Human Resource Officer Henry Kapoko has been denied bail by the Lusaka Magistrate court on grounds that he cannot be trusted.

Henry Kapoko

In this matter, Mr Kapoko together with ten others who are on police bond are facing twenty counts of theft by public servant involving over 6.8 million Kwacha.

Henry Kapoko’s bail was revoked on December 22, 2017, for tampering with exhibits in a case yet to be concluded by the court.

He applied for a second bail, telling the court that his health is deteriorating due to the poor sanitary conditions in prison.

Henry Kapoko also claimed to have regretted his action and would not tamper with exhibits once given bail.

But when the matter came up for a ruling on whether to grant him bail, magistrate Xzonobite Zulu told the court that Mr Kapoko’s ill health and alleged failure to enable him to access private health facilities cannot be a reason for granting him bail.

Magistrate Zulu said the bail was revoked not to punish Mr Kapoko but because he could no longer be trusted to continue enjoying his liberty without posing further risk to the exhibits.

The magistrate later denied Mr Kapoko bail pending judgment on June 12, 2018, while his co-accused had their bail extended.

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