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Here how much women should have s.e.x in order to keep their [email protected] healthy


They say too much of a good thing is not good for you, right? Well, not according to recent research that reveals having a lot of s.e.x can be good for the [email protected]

This is besides the known benefits such as burning calories, reducing stress and boosting immunity.

According to s.e.x expert Dr Hilda Hutcherson, s.e.x keeps the [email protected] alive and lubricated, especially as women get older and oestrogen levels go down.

Dr Hutcherson explained that s.e.xual activity kept the blood flowing down there, and decreased some of the changes caused by menopause.

The doctor further conceded that all kinds of s.e.xual activities could be beneficial.

Additionally, a lot of gynaecologists are currently recommending vibrators to increase blood flow to the [email protected]

As women age, experts agree that having regular s.e.x strengthens the pelvic muscle. Even with menopause on the horizon, some women give birth during that decade, too.

Essentially, your 40s can be marked by fertility or the end of it.


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