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Here is why women should do squats more often

What goes up must come down. This is one of the most generic proverbs of life that we all can relate to.

You can also call it the ups and downs and like this proverb, squats follow the same sentiments.

According to gym experts, the secret to those toned legs and butt is hitting those strenuous yet sexxy squats.

Popular among women, they’re sometimes referred to as the mother of all exercises and this is why women should keep doing them:

1.Squats burn fat

Muscle burns fat and more muscle burn even more fat. As well as toning muscles, squats help you to lose weight.

  1. Squats lift your butt

Squats can firm up your buttocks in no time at all, without placing any undue strain on your back.

  1. Squats reduce cellulite

The muscle stretching that you get from doing squats gets the blood pumping throughout your entire body and improves your overall health.

  1. Squats build muscle all over

Squats are more intense that they create an anabolic environment and make the body release hormones that are vital for the growth of muscle tissue.

-daily sun

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