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HH advises Govt to restrict arrivals from Coronavirus risky countries

As the rest of the World is in a state of panic as Coronavirus is spreading, Is Zambia ready? Here is what UNPD leader Hakainde Hichilema thinks should be done…


With reports of increasing cases of Coronavirus infections in our neighbouring countries, Mr Edgar Lungu should address the nation and announce a series of proactive measures to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic, even before we start recording cases here in Zambia.

For once Mr Lungu should take our advice to heart and not dismiss it under the guise of what he sometimes deems as political adversaries.

Zambia’s health care system is extremely vulnerable and will not cope with a Coronavirus
outbreak should it strike.

If we were in his position, by now we would have engaged the citizens through a national address, announcing among other things, the following immediate proactive measures:

1. That a travel ban is in effect for incoming visitors from high-risk countries as well as for all outbound travellers from Zambia, including all international travel by government officials.

2. That visas for visitors from high and medium risk countries are immediately cancelled.

3. That all Zambian citizens and residents returning from high-risk countries will be tested and quarantined.

4. That all Zambian citizens and residents returning from medium risk countries will be subjected to immediately traceable self-quarantine and remote monitoring.

5. That selected high-risk ports of entry are closed with immediate effect and screening enhanced at all others.

6. That unnecessary visitation to all schools and correctional facilities are banned.

7. That the government will procure more test kits and increase testing centres countrywide.

8. That the Government will work with civil society, religious and traditional establishments, the private sector and donors to increase sensitization and sanitization measures for all, particularly hygiene control in public places like shopping malls, office buildings, markets, etc.

9. That our medical personnel will be highly trained and sensitized in handling any suspected Coronavirus cases.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

Source – Hakainde Hichilema – UPND President

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