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HH arrives in the province of Luapula

President HH is spending two days working in the province of Luapula.

At 17:20, a plane carrying President HICHILEMA landed at Mansa Airport.

President HICHILEMA also told the crowd gathered at Mansa Airport that the government is trying to keep its promises to the people.

He claimed that rather than taking from the populace, his administration had come into power to build Zambia.

According to the President, the government has prioritized reducing poverty, which is why social service delivery has been accelerated.

He claimed that the Gvn purposefully instituted free education in order to alleviate the burden of paying tuition, and that this choice was successful.

DERICKY CHILUNDIKA, the provincial minister of Luapula, praised the president for the province’s numerous socioeconomic advancements.

Many young people in the Province, according to him, have been able to enroll in tertiary education because to the grants and scholarships offered by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

President HICHILEMA will attend this evening’s Meet and Greet the President Dinner in Mansa while in Luapula.

The Head of State will be present tomorrow in Mwansabombwe District for the Umutomboko Traditional Ceremony of the Lunda People of the MWATA KAZEMBE Chiefdom.

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