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HH: I will not close GBM’s Businesses like Lungu did


United Party for National Development President Hakainde Hichilema has finally given a comment on what he thinks of his former Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. Speaking to Zambian Watch on the “Know it” program, Mr. Hichilema stated that Mr. Mwamba the popularly referred to as GBM has a democratic right to associate himself with a Political party of his choice but he “Misses him”.

Asked by Zambian Watch what their relationship is after Mr. Mwamba left UPND for PF, Hichilema says he has no personal grudges or hate for Mr. Mwamba.

He says GBM made a huge contribution to the growth of the Party across the country and that UPND was grateful. Mr. Hichilema stated that besides Politics and ideologies, Mr. Mwamba is a family friend.

“Look my friend, people expect me to be enemies with him(GBM) but that is not the Politics Zambia wants. I have no problem with him using his democratic rights. He chose that direction and we must respect that” he said.

Asked if he is still willing to work with GBM, Mr. Hichilema stated that Mr. Mwamba made a huge contribution to the growth of the Party in different parts of the country in 2016.

“He is a hard-working man, he meant business mobilising for our party, he tried what he could just like any other UPND member. What I’m saying is that as a party we are grateful to his contribution, we are grateful to all Zambians who keep on supporting us” he said.

Asked by Zambian Watch if he will close down GBM’s businesses if he becomes Zambia’s President in 2021, just like what PF did, Mr. Hichilema responded “For What Reason”.

“Zambia is bigger than an individual, we are not seeking public office to make life difficult for those who disagree with us, this is a democracy and we are saying let’s compete on ideas to inspire and motivate our youths who are future leaders. If you ask me to say I’m going to fix his businesses, for what Reason? Our job is to fix the Economy, Create employment for our youths, Provide free Education, empowering farmers and entrepreneurs. That is our business but above all, let me mention here that we will arrest anyone found corrupt. All those individuals that have stolen from the Zambian people, will be visited by the Law. As of GBM to answer your question, I miss him because he becomes a family member than a Political member” Mr. Hichilema stated. And Hichilema says he is in a hurry to develop Zambia for it to be called a developed country.

“For me and UPND, i can say we are in a hurry to develop Zambia to be a developed country. Our friends have jumped that bridge because of good Leadership and corrupt-free Government, so we are in a hurry, we have engaged investors, we want our youths to come up with big ideas that we will support. It’s not just the matter of any investor, we mean investors who will respect our Zambian youths and pay them handsomely” he said.

source: Zambian Observer