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HH – My Govt will not be vindictive


United Party for National Development(UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has assured Zambians that his government will not be vindictive, instead, but will take care of everyone.

Speaking after being declared the winner by the retaining officer, Judith Mulenga to offer his thanks to various stakeholders who took part in the assembly, Mr Hichilema said that his party will take care of everyone that are scared at what the party has achieved.

Mr Hichilema thanked the independent Commission for doing its best to ensure that the convention was a success herein Lusaka and those in provinces and also thanked his party for enduring the tough time to conduct the elective assembly. This shows that UPND is capable of doing complicated things.

The convention has further proved that UPND is not a regional party but a national one given the NMC representation.

Commenting on the remarks from the Chairperson, president Hakainde said the constitution for the UPND provides for the correction of the anomalies and inadequacies. He further promised to bring more women and youths in the NMC who will be on equal footing with the elected.

In a message directed at the winners, he urged them to show leadership by reaching out to those that did not make it and endeavor to unite in the party, because only when the UPND family is united, can they serve and unite Zambia. Everyone has a role to play in delivering a better Zambia for all.

President Hakainde further highlighted that no one, should go to bed on an empty stomach in a rich country like Zambia and that his government will prioritize translating wealth in the hands of a few into drugs in hospitals and service delivery to the people.

Yesterday, UPND has elected what it calls an all inclusive National Management Committee during the party’s just ended General Assembly.

President Hakainde Hichilema was elected unopposed as announced by the returning officer Judith Mulenga

Former National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango got 2051 making her the candidate with the highest number of votes with Patrick Mucheleka polling 2020 to get second position.

Contrary to assertions that UPND is a regional party, the outcome of the general assembly that saw Northwestern, Eastern, Muchinga, Northern and Luapula province having the largest representation in the NMC rendered this notion irrelevant.

Southern Province only has six members in the NMC along with Lusaka, Copperbelt and Western Provinces while Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern and Western are represented by 8 members.

Of the 70 NMC members that were elected, 50 are men while 20 are women.

UPND held a peaceful and democratic convention revealing the traits of good governance that the party has always preached about.

The general assembly was incident free and all elected members have been accepted by party members across the country.

The party leadership used the constitution to manage the whole process starting from the nomination of the candidates to the totalling and later announcement of the results.

The general assembly was held under the theme ” Reuniting and Rebuilding Zambia.”

THE election was conducted by an independent body comprising chairperson of the elections committee and returning officer Judith Mulenga with her Vice Chairpersons Pamela Chisanga and Macdonald Chipenzi respectively.

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