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HH pledges with ZICTA to unblock the internet

HH writes…

We call upon ZICTA to immediately unblock the internet in order that citizens follow the electoral process without undue restrictions.

It’s such a shame that the PF whose leaders ordered the shutdown are also issuing unbridled statements on VPN, a facility that has rescued citizens from a total media blackout, caused by a frightened outgoing regime.

HH aka Bally

In Other News: Matero PF candidate Miles Sampa fighting for his life after being stubbed

Miles Sampa has been stabbed in the waist and admitted to hospital for medical attention, police spokesperson Esther Katongo has said. Speaking on a live ZNBC program dubbed Zambia votes this evening, Mrs Katongo said Mr. Sampa was stabbed by some unruly people after he attempted to inspect the voter turnout in the area soon after casting his vote.Miles Sampa She said his bodyguard whose identity has not been disclosed has been hacked at the back of his head with a.LEARN MORE

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