Home Politics HH visits his in-laws after raid by heavily armed police – Video

HH visits his in-laws after raid by heavily armed police – Video

Police Raid HH’s Mother In Law Home

This afternoon I visited my wife’s cousins in Shibuyunji District who were victims of a Police raid in their village yesterday.

The ordeal is saddening. They accused us of owning unspecified weapons which we don’t. We have no time for such because we are busy with plans on how we are going to ensure that all Zambians have three meals per day.

My wife’s cousins explained that the Police at the end of the search told them that they found nothing.

Other than being dictatorial, such reckless actions are really a waste of government resources because sending a battalion of heavily armed police at great public expense is wastage yet cancer patients have to wait three months for radiotherapy because CDH has no money.

Fellow citizens, do not be scared when you see such desperation because they are simply a signal of great things ahead.

For us, when in government, we will not be focusing on victimising citizens, but instead we will focus on creating jobs, business opportunities and quality health care for all but those with nothing to deliver to the people as is the case now, can go on victimising citizens because that is their wish.

We encourage all of you to be strong because change is coming and remember not to lose Hope because Help is on the way.

The only weapon you have, is your NRC and voter’s card. Epela. Finish. Kwamana. Kufelile. Kwasila. Come 12th August, the villains will be vanquished.

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