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High Court: Hears Lusambo,Malanji Petition

In the case where Patriotic Front-PF Kwacha Member of Parliament JOSEPH MALANJI and his KABUSHI colleague BOWMAN LUSAMBO have petitioned the rejection of their nomination papers, the State has been given permission to refer some questions to the Constitutional Court.

The State’s request for leave to appeal against the suspension of the KABUSHI and KWACHA parliamentary by-elections, however, was denied by the LUSAKA High Court.

The Court further rejected the state’s request for a stay of the by-election suspension.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the High Court will hear the petition of Mr. LUSAMBO and Mr. Malani tomorrow and issue its decision on Tuesday of the following week.

On the other side, the state argued that the High Court lacks jurisdiction to decide constitutional problems in the application to raise constitutional concerns on the petition.

Following an application by two former lawmakers JOSEPH MALANJI and BOWMAN LUSAMBO, the Lusaka High Court suspended the KWACHA and KABUSHI parliamentary by-elections on Tuesday of this week.

The Patriotic Front-Mr. PF’s MALANJI and Mr. LUSAMBO argued that if the by-elections weren’t put on hold, they would face discrimination.

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