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 High Court rejects Vedanta Resources’ application

A request to delay the appointment of attorney CELINE NAIR as the Konkola Copper Mine’s provisional liquidator was denied by the Lusaka High Court.

However, the court has approved VEDANTA Resources Limited’s request for permission to launch a judicial review against the selection of Ms. NAIR as the company’s provisional liquidator.

Judge MARY KAWIMBE of the LUSAKA High Court rejected the request for a stay of Ms. NAIR’s appointment, stating that granting the request would force the court to meddle with the liquidation process.

In light of the public interest, Judge KAWIMBE has highlighted that as KCM is already being liquidated, there cannot be a vacancy in the position of Provisional Liquidator.

She continues by saying that VEDANTA Resources Limited has not made any special arguments to delay Ms. NAIR’s appointment as provisional liquidator.


In this case, VEDANTA Resources Holdings Limited is asking the court to review Ms. NAIR’s appointment as the new KCM Provisional Liquidator in place of MILINGO LUNGU.


According to the company, only the Court has the authority to name a provisional liquidator.

Additionally, VEDANTA Resources has asserted that Ms. NAIR’s appointment is invalid.

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