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High-fat diet in elderly linked to heart disease

High-fat diet

Elderly people, who consume a high-fat diet rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, could be at risk of developing health issues ranging from diabetes to heart failure, researchers, including one Indian-origin, said in a study.
The study conducted on a mice model showed that a calorie-dense, obesity-generating diet in ageing mice disrupted the composition of the gut microbiome.

Young mice, who were fed an obesity-generating diet were able to resolve inflammation after a heart attack, even though their gut microflora had already been altered by the diet.

In contrast, in aged mice fed the obesity-generating diet, the heart attack triggered non-resolving inflammation  associated with heart failure.

The study, published in FASEB Journal, investigated how ageing and omega 6-enriched diet impact microflora in the gut, the structure and function of the spleen (abdominal organ), and a subsequent immune response to heart attack.


High-fat diet

“This study highlights that diet and age are critical factors that have differential impact with age, and it highlights the spleen and heart as an inter-organ communication system with the immune defence system,” said Ganesh Halade, Associate Professor at the University of Alabama.

The team found that obesity-generating diet increased the proportion of neutrophils in the blood of aged-mice.

Higher neutrophil counts means that you have an infection or are under a lot of stress.

The obesity-generating diet in eldery also led to structural deformities in mice spleens.

The spleen, a secondary immune organ, is a known reservoir for leukocytes that move to the heart to begin tissue repair and help resolve inflammation in case of an heart attack.

Source: IOL