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Holstar Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto’s reaches a milestone


It’s always good to celebrate your wins, more than your losses and appreciate the people who have worked with you in the process. Which is exactly what Holstar is rightfully doing so, since the release of his hit album Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto.

The Holstar is regarded as a pioneer and music legend in the Zambian hip-hop industry, he has been at the forefront of promoting and providing opportunities for fellow Zambian artists with initiatives such as the Hip Hop Foundation and shaping the industry with his gift. This is his fifth studio album and the title directly translates to “the passing of the torch” which is something he has always been passionate about in his career.

Holstar, whose real name is Duncan Sodala, together with other fellow Zambian artists have pioneered initiatives such as Slam Dunk Records and he is also credited with being a founding member and Manager of now-disbanded Hip Hop group Zone Fam.

He features a number of international artists on his latest 12 track offering, with songs sung in Nyanja, Igbo, Tonga, Shona, Chewa, Bemba alongside English. In collaboration with Pro-G, Blaq on Da Beat, Reverb, Morgan the Syndicate, Shinko Beats and Kelvin Sarrz on production with Paul Kruz handling the mixing and mastering the album.

Not forgetting his home country, Holstar features notable local talents such as Tim, Solomon Plate, Muzo Zarahni, Luwizzy, Olimba, Kaladoshas, Thanel, Young Willy, Jayqe and Natasha Chansa. His song with Natasha Chansa, Back against the wall, is the most streamed song on this magnificent album.
“The most streamed song on #KNYM this week is Back Against The Wall featuring @TashaChansa cc @Spotify @spotifyartists”

Natasha Chansa AKA Princess Natasha Chansa is of Zambian royalty, her father being His Royal Highness Chief Kaputa of Kaputa in the Northern Province of Zambia. The 20-year-old is a Lusaka based Singer, Rapper, Lyricist, Songwriter, Dancer who had her debut in the Zambian music scene in 2018, with her hit single Need Your Fire, coupled up with a consistent release of hit singles like Noise, We Got the Fire and OMG.

Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto is Holstar’s way of ensuring that he passes on the morals of good working practices to young artists in the music industry whom he hopes will fuse their work with social commentary and pan-Africanism like he does.

Let us know what you think of this body of work.


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