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Honeybee Pharmacy Welcomes ACC and HRC’s Interest In Investigating Recent Scandal


Lusaka, Zambia — Honeybee Pharmacy Limited has welcomed the Anti Corruption Commission.
(ACC) and Human Rights Commission interest in the fallacious allegations of defective drugs
supply, pledging to fully cooperate with all investigate and regulatory agencies.

Honeybee Limited wishes to inform the public that we have been cooperative with all
regulatory bodies and the ACC ever since this matter was brought to the attention of the ACC
last year.

We wishes to reaffirm our position that we have not supplied any defective drugs, gloves and
condoms to the Ministry of Health (MoH) as alleged by some ill-intentioned people.

We therefore draw the attention of the public to the following:

• That we so far supplied 5000 medical kits at a net worth of $3,990,700.00 (USD) and no
amount of money has been paid to us by MoH;

• That our medical kits are of high-quality grade and meets World Health Organisation (WHO)
standards. These medical kits were sourced from reputable manufacturers in India;

• That the allegation that Honeybee Pharmacy Limited was paid $17,000,000.00 (USD) is
patently false. Our contract was awarded based on good faith and we therefore invested own
money to supply the medical kits without any advance payment as we told the ministry did not
have money at the time;

• That Regulatory Bodies acted outside the established drug supply protocols and in violation of
our rights under this contract by making unsubstantiated claims against us;

• That upon shipment arrivals, we were informed that only one batch of Paracetamol was dis￾colouring, we immediately replaced the tablets in question at our own cost of more than
$600,000.00. (USD);

• Our contract was undertaken on November 22, 2019, for the supply of 22,500 medical kits and
presently we have supplied 5000 medical kits for which the MOH owes us $3,990,700.00
(USD) and no amount was reimbursed for our costs and expenses;

• The health kit contract has a clause that states that if a party has a dispute or disagreement with
regard to product quality, it must be witnessed in the presence of both the supplier and the
contracting party.

This was not verified in our presence contrary to contractual provisions.

• That the purported tests on our condoms and gloves by ZABS were done in our absence and
WITHOUT notice to us as stipulated in the contract.

Therefore, the said faulty kits in question
cannot be linked to our supplies without reasonable evidence.

And unfortunately, these purported results were incorrectly claimed as Honeybee Pharmacy Limited’s product at the PAC
meeting on 6 January 2021.

We now have in our possession, results of a re-analysis test that was done in India at a WHO approved laboratory showing nothing irregular that would suggest the products are unfit for use.

Members of the public are therefore reassured the medical kits we supplied are safe for use and
not defective as alleged.

Issued by Honeybee Pharmacy Limited Management
Distributed By Tutwa Ngulube, Legal Counsel for Honeybee Pharmacy Ltd.

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