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Here is what the law says about how ECZ should conduct voter registration

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Here is what the law says about how ECZ should conduct voter registration

This is what the Electoral Process Act of 2016 says:

SECTION 7: The commission shall conduct a continuous registration of voters.

SECTION 14: The commission shall compile and maintain the register of voters as prescribed.

SECTION 16: The commission shall delete the name of a voter who is deceased.

The law is very clear in black and white, the register of voters was COMPILED in 2016, the ECZ now needs to MAINTAIN it through CONTINUOUS VOTER REGISTRATION and to DELETE the names of deceased voters.

Unless if Nshindano, Essau Chulu, and the group don’t understand the meaning of the words ‘ CONTINUOUS, COMPILE, MAINTAIN AND DELETE.

Here’s the English definition of these words ;

1:Continuous:’ Forming an unbroken whole without interruption. ‘

This means voter registration should have continued in 2016,2017,2018,2019,2020 and indeed 2021 and beyond without interruption.
So the 30 day voter registration period is illegal and not supported by law.

2: Compile:’ Produce a list or book by collecting information from other sources.

Well, the voter register was compiled in 2016, wasn’t it? It’s still used in by elections today.

3: Maintain:’ To keep in existence or continuance’

What this simply means is that the voter register of 2016 must continue to exist. Throwing away the voter register breaches the law which clearly states that the voters register should be maintained.

4: Delete: ‘To remove or erase’.

The law is very clear that only deceased voters should be removed or erased from the voter register.
Therefore deregistering the 6 million voters that are alive is illegal and done outside the provisions of the law.

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