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HRC wants Broader mandate to prosecute violation cases of human rights

According to the Human Rights Commission, it is attempting to have its authority increased so that it can prosecute incidents of human rights abuse.

The Southern Province Coordinator for the Human Rights Commission, BRENDAH CHANDA, states that the Commission wants to have its Act changed to ensure that it does more than just look into and make recommendations regarding issues of human rights abuse.

Ms. Chanda was speaking in Livingstone at the Christian Churches Monitoring Group-organized public debate on electoral and legislative reform.

Zambia Police as well Police are governed by the law, according to RICHARD NGENDA, the head of operations for Livingstone, rather than being given instructions to file charges.

Additionally, NAKAUNDU AKAPELWA, the deputy operations officer for the Livingstone District of the Zambia Police, stated that ongoing voter education is necessary rather than doing voter education only a few months before elections.

Zambians living abroad must be given the opportunity to cast ballots, according to KBF and Practitioners Advocate ANTHONY BWALYA.

He asserted that in order to respect the rights of Zambians living abroad to engage in national affairs, the government must offer the tools and resources necessary for them to vote.

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