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Hundreds of opposition PF members defect to UPND


Hundreds of opposition PF members have ditched the former ruling party and joined the United Party for National Development-UPND.

The defectors were welcomed to the party by UPND National Chairman, Stephen Katuka at Kabwata Community Hall yesterday afternoon.

And speaking shortly after welcoming the ambassadors of change who included Suko Habinda and Royd Moonga, the duo who left the party prior to the 2021 general elections, Mr. Katuka stressed that the UPND was a party that ran an open-door policy and that every Zambian was welcome to join.

Hon. Katuka has since asked the campaign manager, Mr. Sulwe to include the newcomers in the ongoing Kabwata campaigns, warning of stern action against those who will discriminate against the defectors.

And speaking on behalf of other defectors Peri Miti, Rhodah Chibanda, Eunice Makowane, Roger’s Chileshe, Suko Habinda, Royd Moonga who were both emotionally charged, said the peace that Zambia was enjoying under the New Dawn administration; the robust economic recovery plan that President Hakainde Hichilema’s regime; the debt restructuring; free education and planned employment of more than 31, 000 teachers and 11, 000 health workers in 2022 were too loud to ignore.

The ambassadors for change also asked for forgiveness from both Zambians and the Republican President for betraying the party at a critical time when their services were needed most.

And in response to the plea by the defectors for Mr. Katuka to convey a message to the President asking for forgiveness for betrayal, Katuka charged that President Hichilema has a forgiving heart and that he exhibited his forgiving capabilities by refusing to punish those who unjustly incarcerated him in 2017 on a fake treason charge that saw him spend 127 days in prison. He also promised to convey the message to the Head of State.

This comes at a critical time when the area heads to the polls in slightly more than 2 weeks to elect its MP.

Meanwhile, UPND aspiring candidate for Kabwata Andrew Tayengwa thanked the people of Kabwata for the great support he is receiving.

Earlier this morning Mr. Tayengwa visited a number of churches in the area, amongst them ZAOGA.

NMC members, Constituency, and Provincial officials witnessed the function.

The Constituency, is one of the 156 in Zambia, that received the historic K25.7 million CDF this month, an amount that will ensure proper drainages, better marketing places, and empowerment for both men and women in the Constituency.

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