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Husband killer Beatrice Hagwende set free


Husband killer Beatrice Hagwende set free

The Parole Board of the Zambia Correctional Services has freed murder convict Beatrice Hagwende who killed the husband’s girlfriend Monica Chabwera Phiri in cold blood in 2007, News Diggers reports.
#Flashback Beatrice Hangwende Murders Monica Chabwera Phiri
22nd April, 2007

Monica Chabwera Phiri was killed on 22nd April, 2007. The sequence of events culminating in the murder and the attempted murder of her driver Benny Banda were so strange and dramatic that they could be scripted into a movie. The events paint a sordid picture of uncontained emotions and blatant disregard for human life. They unfolded like a melodrama of a fusion and explosion of love and hatred; a tale of naivety, deception, sweet talk and betrayal, but also as a story of phenomenal advances in communication technology and its impact on crime investigation in Zambia.

Monica Chabwera Phiri, a business woman suspected to have been in an illicit affair with Beatrice Hangwende’s husband, was, together with her driver, Ben Banda, abducted in tragicomic circumstances on 22nd April, 2007 around 18:30 hours. The setting: Flat NO.1,Weevel Court, Rhodes Park, Lusaka, the residence of the Beatrice Hangwende estranged husband.

Together with her driver, the deceased was bundled into her own Mercedez Benz saloon car, by three male adults and driven away to her death. They were trailed by an unregistered backup car driven by a male adult and carrying at least two female adults, as they were conveyed through the Great East Road and off it to some inconspicuous point in the Chisamba area. There, the deceased was shot three times in cold blood by one of the abductors on the orders of one of the women from the trailing backup car.

The deceased’s lifeless body was left lying in a pool of blood in the bush, and her Mercedez Benz car was abandoned some twenty-one kilometers away from the scene, near a farm in Chisamba. An attempt to shoot Benny Banda was miraculously unsuccessful as he bravely wrestled and fought his way out of the assailants’ grip, amid a blazing gun, and ran away from the assailants into the bush, climbing in the process, a tree for safety.

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